The Food Mourn Site is a Contrast to Food Porn

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: foodmourn.tumblr & foodista
The Food Mourn Tumblr blog is a complete contrast to photos of delectable food. In fact, it may make you nauseated.

The Tumblr blog is a spin-off of the idea of "food porn." Instead of flaunting delectable dishes, the site looks at poor presentation, and sometimes, just plain disgusting edible concoctions. The tagline for the Food Mourn site is simple yet sums up the idea perfectly, stating that the featured food puts "The 'No' in Nom." With browning cucumbers and a fish piled with slices of grape tomatoes, the food is truly unappetizing and can turn a viewer away from his meal.

The Food Mourn site is a fun way to show the terrible presentation skills of some chefs and domestic persons.