- Jun 17, 2013
During a scorching hot day, munching on some yummy and cool watermelon fruit is one of the most refreshing experiences. In tribute to the delicious fruit, here are several wacky watermelon fruit products that take creative design inspiration from these vibrantly pink melons.

To embrace the warmer weather, many brands have tailored their products to reflect summer-related things like flowers, food and the weather. Watermelons are the ideal summer inspiration because of their bright colors, unique pattern and delicious taste. The sweet flavor of watermelons, bright pink hues and black oval seeds all aspects product designers gravitate to when trying to recreate a summer feel in their products.

From fruit-infused watermelon fashion to fruity kleenex boxes, watermelons are certainly the perfect emblem for summertime.

From Fruit-Inspired Foot Warmers to Watermelon Fruit Eyelashes: