Finances Online's Infographic Reveals Who Controls Our Food

Created by Finances Online, this infographic sheds light on the food industry and just how small it really is. There are thousands of products for sale at your local grocery store, but surprisingly, most of them originate from one or two giant corporations. A 2013 study by the Food and Water Watch examined the market share of 100 common grocery items and found a disturbing pattern: shoppers will come home with bags of groceries, but they are really only purchasing products from 2-4 companies.

For example, Kraft owns majority of the cheeses, coffees and fruit drinks on the market, while PepsiCo. owns over 80% of the chip brands sold in stores in North America. Some more surprising information that the infographic reveals is the fact that Mars chocolate actually owns more than the Mars Bar; it owns M & Ms, Twix, 3 Musketeers and Snickers.