The Skyfarm Offers a Space-Saving Solution to Food Farming

 - Mar 18, 2016
References: rsh-p & dezeen
The Skyfarm is a vertical food farming concept building put together by the Rogers Stirk Harbour that offers a space-saving alternative to traditional agriculture. Instead of taking up land to grow produced, the Skyfarm creatively utilizes a hyperboloid design and aquaponics to produce energy and grow food for communities.

Rogers Strik Harbour's design of the Skyfarm is a revolutionary one that allows communities to continue producing sustainable food without occupying too much land. This is because the food is grown vertically as oppose to horizontally while the multi-storey and cylinder shape of the building also allow foods to grow quicker than normal. The Skyfarm is an ideal solution for areas that lack proper soil for food production or places where land is scarce.