Fomosexuality Comes Out Of The Closet On Ugly Betty

 - Apr 27, 2007
References: urbandictionary &
If you're a fan of the tv show, Ugly Betty, then you know that it's all about sex and its every form and deviation. You'll also know that recent episodes handled some pretty out there topics - everything from post-op sex (Daniel's brother/sister, Alexis), to sex with an underage teen (well, sort of).

But as always, this scandalous tv show went one step further. It turns out this fine piece of male machinery is actually a 'Fomosexual'. What is a Fomosexual, you might ask? A Fomo is a fake homosexual - someone who pretends to be gay, or acts gay (by means of certain affected ways of speaking and body language) to create the illlusion of being a homosexual (stereotypical of course!)

In the case of this particular episode of Ugly Betty - the Fomo chose to act gay to make his way in the fashion and design community where he felt only gay men and designers would be taken seriously.