Stash Helmets

 - Oct 21, 2007   Updated: Apr 8 2011
References: boysstuff
This folding helmet lets you save space while being safe. It's ideal for athletes or those into extreme travel, folding up into a much easier to transport size. The helmet from BoysStuff has folding sides that retract into the center piece. It costs about $90.

"This is a new direction for the design of cycle and sports helmets as there are no other folding helmets on the market â€" the retro design uses function and form for its good looks.This simple, safe, tested, and stylish product encourages the use of head protection whilst bike riding and other wheeled sports. It is ideal for commuting, shopping and sports or recreational cycling:and it looks great.

Stash helmets use pioneering, injection-moulded ultra-strong, lightweight, ABS polymer outer- shells, and shock absorbing EPS liners. Stash uses quality ABS material from BASF, brand name Terluran®, known for its high-quality surface finish and good gloss. It has a high scratch and abrasion resistance and is unique in this application in safety helmet production for Stash."

Implications - With bicycling going from a niche sport or pastime for children to a widely accepted method of transportation comes an opportunity to serve many more consumer demands surrounding biking gear and accessories.