From Transformer Helmets to Fedora Bike Helmets

 - Mar 1, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
Sexy biking beasts wear hot helmets. It’s just a fact of life, people.

When your head needs to stay safe, but your body needs to retain its sexy, reach for one of these hot helmets. These helmets aren’t your lame plastic and foam helmets. These helmets range from luxury designer status head-protectors to bamboo ones. Grab your bike and your lady, we’re going for a ride.

Implications - Though safety in sports was once perceived as geeky, today's consumer has a more holistic view of health and is looking to preserve their youth for as long as possible. This has resulted in not only the acceptance of safety gear, but the enhancement of it. Thus, companies in the athletic apparel industry are advised to enhance the aesthetic of their products to keep up with competitors.