- Feb 13, 2008
References: use-thing & dvice
Ugh, could the people around me just keep their mouths shut?

If you've ever found yourself thinking something along those lines when out in public, you'll understand the inspiration behind the Use-Thing, an enormous helmet that shields you from society's most obnoxious sights, sounds and smells.

Guido Mamczur, the German designer behind the peculiar head gear, claims it's very comfortable to wear as well as being eco-friendly. He didn't try claim it was stylish, so we can trust the claims he does make to be true.

Not only will you be protected from having to experience any sensory attributes of the world around you, but the chances of people approaching you are highly unlikely as people will either think you're an antisocial freak, a total trekie or some crazy spaceman wannabe as you walk the streets with the giant black pod on your head.

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