This Artist's Work is a Metaphor on Economic Separation in His Nation

 - Aug 25, 2015
References: ivansikic & designfaves
Peruvian artist Iván Sikic created a mesmerizing display of foil balloons which is a powerful metaphor for economic separation. There are exactly 99 foil balloons filled with helium that are being weighed down by a single gold-covered brick, which is suspended above a floor covered in 7,000 upward facing pushpins.

The 99 balloons are meant to represent the 99 percent of the population that live with economic stress. The brick of gold represents the one percent of wealth in the population. This artistic display is both powerful and beautiful -- this artist created a way to address a global crisis while simultaneously creating a majestic piece of art.

Iván Sikic comments about this piece of art saying "just eighty people have as much wealth as 3.5 million individuals put together. And the gap keeps getting wider."