The Focuscap Features Foldable Sides That Help Limit Visual Distractions

 - Feb 8, 2018
References: hannesgrebin & designboom
While open concept work spaces foster a greater sense of collaboration and community they also present a variety of challenges as the worker is faced with more distractions, which is why Hannes Grebin's 'Focuscap' may prove to be a valuable tool.

Offering "privacy on demand" these caps feature foldable flaps that can be brought down to help one temporarily escape from the visual distractions a modern workplace presents. The unobtrusive nature of this cap makes it a perfect method for removing the excess stimuli that can distract a worker from productivity. While other methods of distraction prevention exist, they typically come at higher price points or require the re-design of an office. These caps serve as an ideal solution, as they're both consumer friendly and affordable.

Image Credit: Hannes Grebin, Designboom

Photo Credits: designboom, hannesgrebin