These Street Artworks Focus on Women and Include Blotches of Color

 - Jul 26, 2013
Irish street artist Finbarr Dac's stunning pieces focus on women and are injected with bright color in small doses. In each of Dac's pieces the viewer is exposed to a woman, either from the front or by side profile, who is partially covered in colorful paint. These pieces, while incorporating some color, are mostly done in black paint.

The women in these wall art pieces each seem to have unique characteristics that set them aside from one another. In one piece a woman who is turned to the side is wearing an army-style helmet. There is red paint splashed around the middle of her face, which makes the viewer think of war and being shot. In another piece there is a girl with a banana t-shirt standing in front of a wall that seems to have a banana painted on it, which is interesting and fun to look at.