The Foam Magazine July 2012 Lindvall Photoshoot Features Odd Backdrops

 - May 12, 2012
References: foammagazine & xaxor
The Foam Magazine July 2012 Angela Lindvall photoshoot is shot in a variety of strange and highly unpredictable settings. The American model is found among bands of denim-clad children and within an empty tool shed, all the while sporting chic summer looks. This odd backdrop selection adds a quirky appeal to the production, displaying how dashes of eccentricity can add to the high-fashion realm of magazine publication.

This editorial was taken by photographer Hilary Walsh. Walsh is well-known for her ability to produce memorable portraits, and these snapshots further her expert portfolio. The bizarre sets feature brick-laden pools and a retro farm house, causing Lindvall's towering figure to stand out all the more. The apparel showcased here builds on this eclectic theme, opting for indigo over-alls and a long billowing skirt.