The Paravelo is a Kickstarter Project Focused on Flying Bikes

 - Jun 18, 2013
References: xploreair & spicytec
This impressive Kickstarter project by company Xplore Air focuses in on making flying bikes for active and adventurous people. This ambitious bike design features a large powerful fan that's attached to the back of the bicycle, which helps it to take flight.

This exciting bike design pushes us further into a Jetson's style future, where flying to work in the morning is a possibility. This bike-style aircraft can go up to 4,000 feet high and does not require the bike's owner to have a flying licence. This incredible bike can travel 15 miles per hour on land and 25 miles per hour in the air. Bikes don't get any better than this.

If this project is successful, Xplore Air will have created the world's first flying bikes and that's definitely something to get excited about.