The Flummox Industries Bacon Tracker Infographic Praises Pigging Out

The crisp design of the Flummox Industries Bacon Tracker infographic leaves you salivating for more. The Toronto-based company clearly loves Canadian bacon, deeming bacon, "the most post perfect food ever invented." This love is translated into inspiration for a dependable way to track bacon consumption. The bacon tracker doesn't discriminate; preferring peameal over turkey bacon is no problem because bacon is bacon and according to Flummox Industries, you can never have enough.

The infographic splits up bacon consumption by every 100 strips of bacon, up to 400 pieces. Each 100 pieces reached is considered an achievement. The day is marked and considered a momentous occasion by "The Bacon Institute of Bacon," the supposed subsidiary of Flummox. Thought culinary constituency may be non-existent, the poster encourages full-on pigging out.