SelgaScano Designed an Inspiring, Community-Centric Installation

 - May 18, 2018
References: & archdaily
To expand its artistic vision and open up a discourse about the transition from the traditional to the contemporary, Spanish Studio SelgasCano installed an immersive floating pavilion in Bruges, Belgium. Situated in the Coupure Canal, the artwork embraces the city's historic value, while simultaneously engages the public.

The vibrant floating pavilion is constructed with a steel skeleton that is wrapped with transparent fluorescent pink-orange vinyl. The installation does not only offer a place for the community to gather but is also a likely setting for professional or amateur photoshoots. Its fluid form symbolically instills a dynamic sense between old and new, signifying the transition of Bruges into the modern world via a floating pavilion that does not compromise its history.

Photo Credits: Iwaan Baan