Flex Boxes Store Assorted Items of All Shapes and Small Sizes

 - Jan 22, 2013
References: tomaskral.ch & designeast.eu
Tomas Kral created these charming Flex Boxes without any specific purpose in mind. Certainly, the little containers have been designed to hold various items and what one chooses to put inside of them is up to him.

There are two loose shapes to the silicone rubber objects, cylindrical and rounded oblong. Each has been manufactured with an attached lid to fit that actually remains attached to the rim along one side. Because the containers and tops have been modeled as one whole each, their passive poses keep closed tops, concealing their contents. It isn't difficult to open them up again, for the flexible material bends upwards readily.

Bright blue, red, purple and gray decorate the Praxis Flex Boxes with bold color, animating them beyond their pliable forms.