Fleur De Lis Key Finder

 - Nov 20, 2007
References: cgi.ebay
Have a tendency to misplace the keys? The fleur de lis key finder not only eliminates the stress of searching, but also adds additional glitz to your favourite bag.

Every fashionista has her off day... you know, those mornings when you're rushing around your house, boots already on, tip-toeing around to protect your floors, frantically searching for your keys. Rifling through several coat pockets, digging in your Chloe bag, H&M bag, and Cavalli clutch. Where did you put those stupid keys? It seems those are the days you rediscover where your Chanel lipstick went, and that USB key you thought you'd lost... but the keys always take the longest to surface.

Be done with it, and help your friends escape these situations too. No more stressful mornings -- missing out on your non-fat sugar-free gingerbread extra foam Starbucks latte because it took too long to find keys just isn't worth it!