The Cheshire Cheese Company Makes 'Gin and Lemon Cheshire Cheese'

To build upon the award-winning taste of its Creamy Cheshire cheese, the Cheshire Cheese Company launched a unique new flavored cheese.

Like the original Creamy Cheshire, the Gin and Lemon Creamy Cheshire is said to have a slight acidity to it and offers a "melt-in-the mouth sensation." This citrus and gin-flavored cheese also became recognized as a Bronze Award winner at the 2017 International Cheese Awards.

Gin, a juniper berry-based spirit, is perceived by many consumers as one of the healthiest liquors on the market as it is rich with nutritious botanical herbs. As such, many dairy brands are introducing gin-flavored products—Rachel's created a Greek Style Lemon & Gin yogury and just this year, Spirit of Harrogate introduced The Best Extra Thick Slingsby Gin Cream for the holidays.