Christine Le Tennier Offers Balsamic Vinegar Capsules to Consumers

 - Dec 6, 2018
References: modernistpantry
The culture of Molecular Gastronomy is becoming more and more accessible to home environments and these affordable flavor pearls by Christine Le Tennier are a testimony to that. Made in France, the cuisine supplements definitely give a subtle kick to taste as they accompany homemade dishes. Moreover, the whole ordeal requires minimal effort since the flavor pearls can be easily arranged on top of any plate or even served with cocktails for "added originality, sensuality, and fun."

Christine Le Tennier makes balsamic vinegar-flavored capsules available to consumers. However, the "caviar spheres" can literally be anything — from sweet and savory to fruity and spicy. In addition, the product is shelf-stable and can be stored in refrigerators for up to two weeks after opening. This gives individuals flexibility in terms of using the flavor pearls in their cuisine.