Flaminio Olive Oil Packaging Sets Delightful Scenes to Entice Buyers

If plastic bags don't seem trashy and bland enough already, their image will be lowered further by the fantastic quality of Flaminio Olive Oil packaging. Based in Umbria, the Italian brand already stores and sells its premium extra virgin olive oil in lovely wine bottles with punchy textual labels; however, it's gone the extra mile to let you take home the high quality product in a playful tote.

The triangular shopping bag is made from a stiff card that unfolds rather like a box. It's bright white at its base but has been illustrated with a charming suburban scene in a range of vibrant colors. A pretty pasture is interrupted by the snaking form of a rural road. Signage describes the contents of Flaminio Olive Oil packaging and a streetlight protrudes in 3D as the green cap passes through a deliberate hole.