The 'F**k You Yelper' Tumblr Documents Raging Reviews

The restaurant and bar review website Yelp can be a great tool if you're looking for a new place to try out, despite some posts from outrageous users with questionable opinons -- which is exactly what the 'F**k You Yelper' Tumblr is all about. The blog has nothing against the site itself, but it does hold a grudge against the awfully angry reviews left by certain one-time customers. These crazy critiques are often so outrageous to the point of being hilarious, with ridiculous comments that walk the fine line between racist and just plain old irrational.

Check out the 'F**k You Yelper' Tumblr for a laugh -- or a scoff -- and keep these ridiculous reviews in mind next time you're on Yelp.