The 'FIXT Nomad' Turns Any Water Source into a Potable One

 - Nov 17, 2017
References: indiegogo & digitaltrends
The need for filtering technologies is becoming more apparent as consumers seek out ways to ensure they are only ingesting the best things possible, so new solutions like the 'FIXT Nomad' water filter are coming about. The device is portable in design and enables you to drink from virtually any water source to quickly remove all of the unwanted contaminants that are present. This includes bacteria, metals, viruses and even prescription drugs that have found their way into the water source from being passed by patients.

The 'FIXT Nomad' water filter was created why Ian Stanley and utilizes ionic adsorption that works in collaboration with an iodinated resin that will kill 99.9999% of the viruses and bacteria that might be found in the water.