The Five Acre Barn is a Converted Bed and Breakfast in Suffolk, England

 - Aug 17, 2017
References: dezeen
As its name suggests, the Five Acre Barn was once a simple farm building in the English seaside town of Suffolk, but Blee Halligan Architects has recently converted the barn into a charming bed and breakfast. The renovation is characterized by a jagged, sawtooth roof that effects the shape of the bedrooms inside.

Five Acre Barn is an extension of the owners' home, and it has space for five guest bedrooms. Four of these share walls with one another, while the fifth stands apart and can be accessed through a separate passageway.

The exterior of the bed and breakfast is covered in cedar shingles. Those shingles are currently blond, but over time they will weather to a silver color that will help the building blend into its surroundings.