These Fish-Shaped Candy Are Gelatinous, Sugary and Awesome

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: flickr & en.rocketnews24
These Japanese fish-shaped candy are a celebration of three of Japan's famous weaknesses: fish, candy and cute things. The candy business in Japan has always been doing swimmingly well, thanks to hordes of candy makers constantly looking for new kinds of sugary delights.

These fishy delights -- photographed and shared by Miki Nagata on his Flickr account -- are made of the gelatin variety agar-agar, a white sweet bean paste called anko, black sesame seeds and green tea powder for color.

Judging from the photographs, the fish appear to be carp. Goldfish-shaped candy delights are also common in Japan, where goldfish are commonly associated with summer. For that reason, goldfish-shaped candy sales tend to get scaled back in the cold season.