This Mall by Kuan Architects is Located on the Waterfront of Qinshui

 - Jul 27, 2015
This fish-shaped shopping mall was created in the heart of Qinshui, China, to attract tourists and local citizens. The uniquely shaped building resembles a water serpent's body coming in and out of the water.

Each portion of the fish-shaped building features a slightly less steep ramp incline, equipped with stairs that run from the head to the tail. The town of Qinshui is surrounded by nature such as rivers and mountains, so the goal for this mall was to embody that essence.

The shopping mall hopes to be the main attraction for tourists and citizens to come and explore the fully functional shopping facilities. The mall's entire lower level will be dedicated to the shopping experience, while the upper level will contain glass galleries and rooftop views of the surrounding nature and beautiful Chinese scenery.