Little Bird Kitchen's 'Fire Syrup' is Versatile and Travel-Friendly

 - Jun 26, 2018
References: littlebirdkitchen & projectnosh
From Fire Walker Trail Mix to Jalapeno Simple Syrup and Hot and Sweet Nuts, Little Bird Kitchen offers a variety of products with an emphasis on spice—and its newest creation, Fire Syrup, is no different. Rather than being packaged by the bottle, Fire Syrup comes in a convenient single-serve pouch that comes in a TSA-approved size, making it a travel staple for spice lovers.

The versatile Fire Syrup boasts a simple formula of spicy peppers, water and non-GMO sugar, and it may be used on everything from pizza and ice cream to fruit and steak, or even stirred into coffee.

The new product from Little Bird Kitchen capitalizes on the growing popularity of spicy food, particularly with Millennial consumers who are constantly hoping to find the latest and greatest unexpected flavor experience.