The 'Tutela' Fire Sprinkler Senses and Sprays Water as Needed

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: & homecrux
Preventable accidents like fires are being focused on more intensely as of recently, as seen with the 'Tutela' fire sprinkler. While traditional sprinkler systems simply use a one size fits all approach to fire elimination, the 'Tutela' will work on several levels to protect against fire and other dangers.

If fire is detected, the 'Tutela' will direct water flow to the source of the flames rather than simply spraying in all directions. The device also constantly works to detect and warn users of smoke, carbon monoxide or excessive heat.

Designed for commercial and home use, the 'Tutela' fire sprinkler is the work of Jyh Miin Chen who is a student at the Savaannah College of Art and Design.

As consumers seek out comprehensive products to provide safety and protection from harm, the 'Tutela' is an innovative update to existing solutions.