The 'Waterwheel Filter' Water Filtering System is for Remote Villages

 - Apr 24, 2017
References: tuvie
Remote villages that don't have access to a potable water source would benefit from the 'Waterwheel Filter' water filtering system as a means of ensuring fresh water at all times.

Drawing inspiration from the water wheel of years past, the 'Waterwheel Filter' works by being placed in a river and allowing water to be picked up by the spinning unit. This then lets the water trickle down into the unit that filters it and keeps it stored for villagers to fill their vessel when required.

The 'Waterwheel Filter' water filtering system is the design work of Li Fengze, Li Tingyu and Xue Bomu, and brings water filtration to those who need it most. The 'Waterwheel Filter' also works without the need for electrical power to ensure it's capable of being used anywhere.