The Platypus Microfilter Bottle Filters Two Liters of H2O Per Minute

 - Sep 30, 2016
References: & gearhungry
Concerns over water purity is a common occurrence for those who avidly take to the outdoors, so the Platypus Microfilter Bottle looks to enable water sourcing from virtually anywhere. The bottle works by being opened and filled in a fresh water source like a stream or a spring. Once filled, the bottle can provide up to two liters of filtered water per minute for a seamless approach to staying hydrated without worry.

The Platypus Microfilter Bottle features a filter that will provide up to 1,000-liters of purified water over the course of the filter's lifetime. The leakproof design of the bottle ensures it can withstand long journeys, while the taste-free material used to make the unit will provide a crystal clear taste for H2O.