Letterbox Gifts Curates Items That Will Easily Fit in the Mail

Christmas can be one of the most hectic times of the year for sending and receiving parcels in the mail, but Letterbox Gifts aims to simplify the gift-giving process for the holidays and beyond.

Letterbox Gifts makes it easy to quickly send a thoughtful package to a loved one in the mail for a variety of life's special occasions and noteworthy moments. The same can be said for many companies that offer curated gifts, but Letterbox Gifts takes this idea a step further by boxing its goods into letterbox-sized packages to simplify the delivery and receipt of gifts.

In the Christmas Letterbox Gift Set, there's a generous assortment of items like tealight candles, snowflake-shaped chocolates, spices for making mulled wine, an ornamental bauble and more. As the brand says, this special gift set was specifically "designed to fit through standard UK letterboxes in time for Christmas."