A Swiss Festival Hall by Muller Sigrist Architekten

 - Feb 6, 2010   Updated: Jun 14 2011
References: architonic & dailytonic
This crystalline, copper-clad festival hall in Amriswil, Switzerland casts a strong and beautiful shadow. The multi-use space was conceived by Zurich-based Müller Sigrist Architekten.

The festival hall is both boxy and interesting with both austere and colourfully illuminated interior areas. It is built around a pentagon-shaped central festival hall, coloured in cheery yellow. Surrounding this central meeting space are outer layers that are like an onion.

Implications - Capitalist societies have a fascination with futuristic architecture as it evokes the ideals of efficiency and progress. As such, many architects are pushing the physical limitations of what is possible with building designs because they too hope their work will evoke these same ideals. Corporations can also incorporate futuristic designs elements into their product lines and services and yield similar results.