This Waterless Fermentation Lock Requires No Maintenance When Pickling

 - Nov 2, 2015
References: masontops & kickstarter
The 'Pickle Pipe' by Masontops is a waterless fermentation lock that easily fits onto Mason jars to lock out air that can cause harmful mold to ruin your preserves.

This fermentation lock is made from silicone and lets users "set it and forget it." It requires no monitoring and conveniently keeps beneficial carbon dioxide that promotes beneficial probiotic bacteria inside your preserves, while shutting out oxygen from ruining the pickling process.

Conventional airlocks for pickling use multiple parts, and are filled with water that needs to monitored and maintained throughout the pickling process to make sure it hasn't evaporated. The 'Pickle Pipe' is all made from one single and convenient piece and lets gas escape through a one-way valve, while shutting air out without using water. With this compact tool proves pickling can become easier, simpler and better preserved.