Femke Hiemstra Illustrates Animals Performing Surreal Human Tasks

 - Aug 8, 2011
References: femtasia.nl & blog.thaeger
I'm sure some pet owners have tried getting their house companions to perform the tasks seen in these Femke Hiemstra illustrations. The major difference between the two, though, is that the animals featured in Hiemstra's paintings are irregularly proportioned and performing human-like feats that elevate this collection of images from quirky to surrealistic territory.

Femke Hiemstra calls her unique brand of art 'Femtasia,' evoking Disney's classic whimsical masterpiece Fantasia. Her artwork also adorns old book covers, so viewers are trapped in time looking at modern artwork juxtaposed by the vintage look of the books.

Implications - Consumers gravitate towards surrealistic imagery because it offers them an escapist experience. They use these escapist experiences as a coping mechanism for life-related stresses. Corporations may similarly offer consumers products and services which serve as distractions from their everyday lives.