These Artful Creations by Wooly Gardner are Humanely Exotic

 - Jun 3, 2013
References: etsy
These colorful exotic animals by Wooly Gardener are detailed felt creations that take the shape of some of the world's rarest inhabitants.

If you have a soft spot for creatures of the world you will like these felt creations. Each of the mammals has been created from 100% felt. They are structured after majestic animals some of whom no longer roam the earth. From wooly mammoths to humpback whales and even vibrantly colored peacocks, these Wooly Gardener creations are exceptionally made.

If you are looking for an attention-grabbing accent piece for a book shelf or need a creative gift idea for a friend, these felt creations are an interesting idea. They add character and texture to your home as well as give recognition to the animals we share the world with.