This Feather Head Piece Will Make You the Leader of the Flock

 - Jul 15, 2013
References: etsy
In a sea of feathered headpieces, it would take something truly eccentric in order to make you stand out. This Bird Wing Headpiece will be the statement piece that you have been waiting for.

This accessory is made out of an entire turkey wing, and it also has other smaller bird wings added in for depth. Not only is the sheer amount of feathers completely original, but also, the size of the piece is incredible, taking up the entire head. The designer described the headpiece as being more than one accessory, saying that it could also be considered a full headdress or a wig. It is built on a headband and it also has a small hair comb in the back for extra security. Even if wearing an exquisite feathered headpiece is not something that can be done everyday, if there were ever an occasion for it, it is an almost guarantee that you will stand out in this piece.