This Feather Lamp Offers a Cozy, Nested Vibe

 - Oct 11, 2013
References: fancy
The Eos feather lamp is a pretty, avian-inspired piece of décor for your home. This light fixture features authentic bird feathers painstakingly added to a paper core base by hand and suspended from the ceiling by a metal rod. The feathers give the lamplight a soft, ethereal glow that’s perfect for rest and relaxation.

Upon first glance, this pretty, feathered light almost looks like a fluffy cloud, but upon closer inspection, its magnificent plumes give away the avian effect. The light fixture is perfect for anyone who wants to infuse a little bit of Mother Nature’s warm influence into their homes, without being too obvious or overbearing. The soft, feathered lighting will add a glowing ambiance to any room you choose to display it in.