L'Enfant's 'Fear of...' EP Art Contains Postmodern Images of Various Phobias

 - Nov 16, 2016
References: metzonderstudio.nl & thisislenfant
Some of the most effective art -- be it music, photography, or anything else -- is that which elicits a visceral response, and the album art for L'Enfant's 'Fear of...' EP does just so. The art, which includes stills as well as short video loops for each track, is designed to reference specific common phobias in oddly unsettling ways.

There are seven songs on L'Enfant's 'Fear of...,' and each has a corresponding piece of visual art attached to it. Some of the phobic images are bluntly abstract, such as the image for 'change,' which features a female model whose face is covered in craft-grade googly eyes. Others are more direct, however, like 'getting old,' which shows a set of dentures dropped into a bowl of custard.