Faux Soleil by Giampaolo Sgura is a Spectrum of Playful Tones

Eniko Mihalik is a model with true diversity when it comes to her line of work, but who could have pictured such multiplicity within one photo shoot like Faux Soleil by Giampaolo Sgura?

The English translation of the title reads "Fake Sun," describing the source of what the reader sees within this Vogue Paris editorial. Makeup artist Emmanuelle Sammartino undoubtedly had her work cut out for her, creating such contrasting stripes, tan lines and gradual shade changes over the subject's unblemished nude body.

The lead image features the fun-loving model being showered in spray tan; in another, she diffuses the fake tanner over herself, beginning with her feet. Faux Soleil by Giampaolo Sgura finally features a closeup image of Eniko's face, covered in bold bronze bands of various artificial tints.