Enjoy Falling Asleep to Thoughts of Eating with This Fast Food Bed

 - Aug 28, 2014
References: ceciliacarey & foodiggity
French fry lovers will rejoice at the sight of this massive plush fast food bed design that looks like a traditional McDonald's fry box. Known as the Supersize Bed this innovative bed frame design takes food obsession to a whole new level.

If you often find yourself falling asleep to thoughts of food then maybe investing in a bed that relishes your love for snacks is a good idea. Harry Parr put together the Supersize Bed that offers foodies a pop art bed to lounge in. The backboard is designed to look just like a gigantic red fry carton that comes filled with long yellow cushion fry strips. You can take the fry cushions out of the box and snuggle up with them as you daydream about fast food.