Phillip Vasyli Spoke with Trend Hunter About Vionic Technology

 - Dec 6, 2013
References: youtube
Phillip Vasyli -- Podiatrist, Founder and Chairman of Vionic -- used to make orthotics but throughout his career he realized the need for better support in fashion footwear. Women in particular seemed to have complaints from wearing dress shoes, heels and sandals, which are usually built without proper foot support. Vasyli came out with a line of stylish footwear with orthotic technology built in.

Vasyli compares orthotics to footprints. When we step on soft ground, a footprint is made but when we step on concrete, tiles and hardwood floors as we usually do, our foot collapses and falls out of its natural shape. This constant collapsing can cause a lot of health problems in the future from knee pains to hip, waist and spinal issues.

Thanks to the new Vionic fashion footwear, there is a perfect balance of style, support and function. You can look good and wear the styles you want, without sacrificing the support you get from proper footwear.