This Family Photographer Captured These Quintuplets Wonderfully

 - May 15, 2016
References: huffingtonpost & designtaxi
Erin Elizabeth Hoskins is a family photographer based in Austrailia who has an eye for catching beautiful moments parents will want to cherish for years to come. Perhaps most interesting however is her photo shoot featuring Kim Tucci and her newborn quintuplets.

All of Tucci's children were born healthy and she and her husband couldn't be more excited to have them, but the surprise of the pregnancy was amplified when the two found out that they would soon be joined by five children. Currently the family is having problems making ends meet with so much financial strain, which has led to a GoFundMe campaign to help them afford necessities.

With the help of the family photographer, news of Tucci's quintuplets spread and has helped garner support as the family strives to their funding goal and ensures the best life for their children.