The Family Affairs 'Everyday is Like Sunday' Collection is Debutante Fun

What do you get when you take a mother-daughter design team (half in New York, the other in Switzerland) and mix it with feminine, gauzy fashions? You get The Family Affairs 'Everyday is Like Sunday' collection.

Designing the collection with afternoons of flower shopping and sipping coffee in mind, the Family Affairs 'Everyday is Like Sunday' collection wants us to take it easy and enjoy life--just as we should enjoy their beautiful designs.

Implications - **This implication isn't pointed enough. Scrap it and try to answer these questions:
What does this trend say about society?
Why did this trend come about?

This product assumes that mundane chores, such as grocery shopping, can be done in fashionable clothes which allows customers to feel a sense of importance and beauty at all times. Businesses can encourage everyday people to inject fashion back into their lives. They can also benefit by marketing their more dressier clothes for less formal occasions and double as everyday wear.