The False Ox Brand Offers Natural Concentrated Syrups

 - Feb 21, 2017
References: startouch.thestar & falseox
False Ox is a Toronto-based brand that offers "shrubs" that are based in ingredients that are much healthier than the cocktail syrups that are most often found on the market.

The products come in syrup form and contain fruit, vinegar, sugar, herbs and spices. Its current flavors include a Raspberry Balsamic, a Strawberry Mint, a Beet and Ginger and its seasonal flavors include a Celery Jalapeno and a Grapefruit Rosemary. Each drink is based in organic apple cider vinegar which adds a tangy flavor and the benefits of functioning as a digestive aid that helps to detoxify the body.

False Ox syrups are ideal for individuals who enjoy cocktails (virgin or alcoholic) and would like a more health-conscious method of consuming them.