Cedric Laquieze's Fairies Look Almost Real

 - Sep 21, 2014
References: laquiezecedric.blogspot.sg & io9
Straddling the border between reality and myth are artist Cedric Laquieze's fairy sculptures.

To makes these impressive fairy sculptures, Cedric Laquieze takes materials from the real world, like insects, feathers and flowers, and combines them into wholly unique creations. Laquieze states that actual insects offer "amazing shapes and textures to work with." However, it's not just the shapes and textures that are impressive, but the vibrant colors as well. Unlike traditional fairies that are often portrayed as cute beings, Laquieze's fairies are more than a little frightening.

By using parts from real insects, Cedric Laquieze is able to ground the legend surrounding fairies with a sense of reality, almost as if insects and fairies were offshoots of the same species.