Retreat Acupuncture Encourages a Natural Alternative to Botox

Many people have decided to abandon the use of cosmetic fillers to treat fine lines and wrinkles for holistic facial acupuncture treatments.

While it is not a new technology, facial acupuncture is gaining popularity for its anti-aging properties. Many are abandoning their Botox routines because of the risks associated with cosmetic fillers such as bruising, potential allergies and the well-known frozen-face effect post-injection.

Facial acupuncture is also being celebrated for its effectiveness on reducing cystic acne and redness. According to Karinn Gallagher of Retreat Acupuncture in San Francisco, "Facial acupuncture rejuvenation is cumulative and lasts from three to five years after a course of 10 treatments with maintenance, which can be done on a monthly basis."

More and more women are choosing to invest in more natural and holistic approaches to skincare and the popularity of facial acupuncture highlights this well.