'Facebook Endorsements' Lets Users Officially Show Support

 - Oct 19, 2016
References: facebook & digitaltrends
Facebook has long been the site on which people were most willing to let their political allegiances fly, and Facebook Endorsements is a way for users to formalize that support. Through Facebook Endorsements, users can click to endorse their favorite political candidate, and that endorsement will show up in their Timeline and on the page for their profiles.

While many users scrolling their News Feeds will likely already have a pretty good idea of where their most politically active Facebook Friends stand on the ideological spectrum, less active social users sometimes shy away from sharing political articles and ideas. The new Endorsements feature is a less intrusive way for some people to show their support for a candidate.

For those who do want to give a stronger endorsement, though, Facebook Endorsements allows users to include a message next to their status.