Skoon's Cleanser and Makeup Remover Turns from a Gel to a Milk

 - Dec 17, 2015
While it's now fairly common to see two-in-one or sometimes even three-in-one face cleansers, it's rare that these products are able to completely change their form and texture in the process. The 'Cleanser + Make-Up Remover' from SKOON is an example of one of these products that is not just multifuctional, but multifaceted as well.

The product boasts "gel-to-milk" technology, which means that with the product can be applied directly to the skin, and when rinsed with water, it will form a creamy texture that cleanses and hydrates.

Despite the use of the word "milk," the product is mostly made of vitamin-rich oils from grapeseed, coconut, sweet almond and sunflower seeds. As a product that's gentle, yet tough enough to deep-clean skin, this versatile cleanser is suited to all skin types.