Artist Fabrizio Lamoncha Uses Bird Poop to Form the Latin Alphabet

 - Oct 5, 2013
References: complexmag
Spanish artist Fabrizio Lamoncha has created an incredibly unique project that uses bird feces to create his project. The project is administered through a unique device called the ‘Pooprinter’ to allow the feces to be spread across a white canvas.

The Pooprinter is essentially an analog printer that uses excrement to be placed in desired areas to form certain characters—in this case, the Latin alphabet. The device uses a wooden cage sized 170 by 120 cm and 100 cm high with a removable tray center. There are interchangeable parts that look like tree branches that also have integrated food dispensers.

Male zebra finches are placed within the cage in which they feed, perch and go to the washroom in desired areas (where the branches are located). These branches are interchangeable to where the feces should be placed, and Fabrizio Lamoncha engineers to his desire. Check out the video of the Poo Printer in action above.