Eclipse Eyewear Sunglasses Feature Layered Plastic Lenses

 - Feb 14, 2017
References: yankodesign
Eyewear usually requires a frame in order to keep the lenses in place and the accessory on your face, but the Eclipse Eyewear sunglasses take a different approach. Featuring a frameless design, the eyewear utilize a piece of paracord that is looped behind the ears and placed across the bridge of the nose in order to be worn. This creates a futuristic aesthetic that makes the sunglasses look like nothing that has been see since the days of the monocle.

The Eclipse Eyewear sunglasses are the design work of XYZ Integrated Architecture and feature a series of layers lenses that are each finished with a different shade. This creates a vibrantly chromatic final look that is modern and tasteful in design.