The Gioia May 2013 Shoot 'Look at Me' Showcases Glamorous Shades

These chic eyewear editorials for Gioia May 2013 showcases some stunning summer-ready shades that fashionistas will be flocking to wear.

Titled 'Look at Me,' this fashion editorial is all about glamorous and sparkly sunglasses. Focusing on model Astrid Baarsma from the neck up, wearing a variety of different sparkly shades, the Gioia May 2013 shoot serves to bring the attention of the viewer specifically to the outline and design of each pair of sunglasses. While other eyewear editorials often showcase models posing in themed locations with accompanying designer outfits, this 'Look at Me' shoot focuses more on the actual beauty of products themselves.

If you're looking to add a pair of shiny and glamorously designed shades to your collection, then the Gioia May 2013 editorial will provide some great options to choose from.